Throughout my career I’ve been drawn to work that supports others as they seek growth, joy and effective ways to meet personal challenges.


I have many years of experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of California, an adjunct professor in a Clinical Psychology graduate program, and an instructor of dance.

Diversity is a central value in my work and learning. My professional experience ranges from individuals to couples, to the LGBTQ community, from teens to older adults, to various disabilities and abilities, and to many different cultural perspectives.

As a teacher and mentor, I have learned to listen deeply and to motivate people towards positive change through intellectual understanding, physical movement, and spiritual integrity.



I made so much progress in 3 sessions with mk. Her open approach helped me unfreeze my overwhelming feelings and more precisely contain a complex problem. Thru our warm, collaborative sessions and her insightful followup email summaries of our time I felt held and heard. I was thus more able to move forward onto concrete solutions and healing my hurt heart.
Maryasha is awesome to work with. She is kind, compassionate and has a keen sense of how to lightly shake loose the roadblocks in your brain that keep you from doing what you want in life. If you don’t know WHAT you want, but know you are not satisfied with how things are now—- Maryasha can help you figure out where your passions are and how to go about living them. I’m already looking forward to working with her again!
I think that Maryasha Katz is brilliant, empathetic, insightful and articulate. She asks great questions and drills down in a way that is kind yet clarifying. I truly believe that Maryasha Katz’s coaching aided me significantly in my moving forward on my path.